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Madea Gets A Job

After Carla finds that her "boyfriend" left his wife... for another woman... Madea finds this the best time to hook up Allen with her. It works, and Allen gets the date that he had waited on for over a year. She also talks to Dalia about the consequences of holding down her man to the point where she won't let him see his son. After Sue Ellen Bell comes down stairs from her mothers room highly upset that nothing she does for her mother is ever satisfying, Madea asks her some questions to make her realize that she has played her part, and that it is time for her to live her life. Jennifer understands, and apologizes. On the Barbara situation, Madea finds that the situation between Barbara and her daughters' "love/hate" situation should actually be switched around. The reason that she is in the nursing home in the first place is because after her crack addicted daughter mortgaged her house, Jennifer (the daughter, not Sue Ellen Bell's mother) payed it off, having to sell her house and move into her mother's house. Her husband decided that there wasn't enough room to keep Barbara. So she moved her in a home. But Madea read between the lines, and found that there was something much deeper. Jennifer wanted Barbara's house, and didn't want her interrupting her life, and Rebecca mortgaging her house was a perfect excuse to take the house. Madea convinces Barbara to reconcile with Rebecca, and find the origin in the past of where she went wrong, to try to fix the future. Sam gives his father the hell that he deserved for not being there for his son, but talking with Madea made him think, "What if he wasn't supposed to be in my life?". Sam was still succesful in life, without his father. But when the show was over, unfortunately, Sam wasn't buying Carson. He refused to talk with his father, let alone let him around his children. And Hattie, one of two of our comedic reliefs, as expected did not leave the home. Even after multiple tries to sneak into Madea's car when she left, she was not successful. The play ended in a song, of everything being resolved. Some good, some bad.

Madea Gets a Job




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