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[S3E16] My Husband, The Pig

The third season had eleven roles receiving star billing, with ten of them returning from the previous season, out of whom nine were part of the first season's main cast. The series is narrated by Brenda Strong, who portrays the deceased Mary Alice Young, as she observes from beyond the grave, the lives of the Wisteria Lane residents and her former best friends. Susan Mayer, portrayed by Teri Hatcher, is a divorcée and single mother, who is in a continuous search for a stable relationship. Felicity Huffman portrayed Lynette Scavo, devoted wife and mother of four, in desperate need to get some time for herself. Marcia Cross portrayed Bree Hodge, widow and mother of two, struggling to be perfect in every aspect. Former model Gabrielle Solis, portrayed by Eva Longoria, has to deal with her upcoming motherhood and an unexpected divorce. Nicollette Sheridan portrayed Edie Britt, whose numerous short-term relationships have made her an iconic character. Ricardo Antonio Chavira played Carlos Solis, a rich businessman and Gabrielle's husband, whose affair with his daughter's surrogate mother eventually led to divorce. Andrea Bowen acted as Julie Mayer, the responsible and caring daughter of Susan, whose close relationship to her mother have made her more mature. Doug Savant portrayed Tom Scavo, Lynette's husband, who is trying to welcome his illegitimate daughter among the family he has with his wife. Mike Delfino, now suffering from amnesia following a hit and run, was played by James Denton. Previously a recurring character throughout the last episodes of the previous season, Orson Hodge, portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, was conceived as a new love interest for Bree, whose mysterious arc is the season's main storyline.

[S3E16] My Husband, the Pig

Carolyn Bigsby confronts Bree with Orson's hidden past while Carolyn's husband, Harvey, confides in Orson about his own; Susan professes her love for Ian while Nora professes her support for Tom; and Carlos and Gaby kiss and make up. Or do they?

As they reach the bullpen, Mrs. Wayne tells Jenny that she saw it all the time and that when her husband, Parker was X.O for one of the first female ship captains and apparently, that woman was a nightmare trying to prove herself.

Chrissy then heads off to get ready, leaving Gibbs and Mrs. Wayne in the kitchen by themselves. Mrs. Wayne then glances at the urn and the two photos of her husband, one of Captain Wayne in his Navy uniform and the other of him on board a ship while Gibbs sips some coffee. She then asks Gibbs if they are her husband's ashes. 041b061a72


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