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CAB problems with most often stem from a corrupt or missing NBA 2K13 file. Downloading and replacing your CAB file can fix the problem in most cases. As a last measure, we recommend using a registry cleaner to repair any invalid, CAB file extension, and other file path references which could be causing the error message.


If you've successfully replaced the file in the right location, your issues with should be resolved. We recommend running a quick test to confirm that's the case. To confim it's resolved, try starting up NBA 2K13 to see if the error can be triggered.

Mostly, errors are experienced during the NBA 2K13 install process, while a Take Two Interactive Software-related software or hardware is loaded, during a NBA 2K13-related device driver load sequence, or Windows shutdown/startup. Keeping track of when and where your error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem.


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