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Vmware Vcenter Converter Standalone Full Download Free !FREE!

Yesterday I downloaded the standalone converter from and converted my old XP system to a VM. I will find out if it works in a few hours when the copy is done. I followed the instructions here: -your-existing-windows-xp-system-into-a-virtual-machine/ and so far so good. I also found out that even though my XP system is old, the latest converter still worked.

vmware vcenter converter standalone full download free

As mentioned at the outset when many of us began working with the tool, it was called VMware Converter. You may have seen it listed as vCenter converter standalone or standalone VMware converter. I remember working with VMware Converter 3.x and still looking for the download even just a few years ago as it was the only version that could successfully convert some of the legacy servers still running in some data centers such as Windows Server 2003. 350c69d7ab


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