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Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Wii Iso Download

When the inevitable Battle begins, they find that Sonic, Tails and Amy have lost one of the Arks. After Sonic wins a race in the hidden track titled New Hills that Athena used to show Knuckles her secret hideout, the Arks are reunited and they are taken to Babylon Rogues' hideout.

sonic riders zero gravity wii iso download

The Babylon Rogues plan to use the Arks of the Cosmos to teleport to Giga and destroy it, which they do, giving Storm the exact thing he was looking for. Sonic, Tails and Amy then teleport to the upper palace of Babylon after using the Ark of the Cosmos to travel to space.

After searching the area, Knuckles begins to prepare for the teleportation while Amy reads the ancient language from the Arks. When they teleport, Knuckles finds they have arrived in space and the team begins to search for the Arks of the Cosmos. When they find them, Sonic detects the ship's distress beacon. Sonic then says that he's got to get to Babylon Garden and stop this plan.

When they catch up to the Babylon Rogues, Amy says that she doesn't care which way they go, as long as it's away from Babylon Garden. Sonic says that she'll have to get past the island and find it, otherwise they'll never get past it. Knuckles then begins drawing a route on their map, saying that they'd better hurry.

The team heads to the island, where they discover that there are the most beautiful and expensive places in Babylon. After Sonic defeats the first robot, the team moves on to the next one. When they find the next spaceship, they look inside and find the Gigan Rocks in the center. Just as Sonic is about to attack, they discover another robot and the bridge thingy...


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