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Handycafe 2.1.32

those were all the steps and tips on how to deal with the hijacker. the removal technique showed above, will help you to get rid of the virus and restore your browsers homepage. if you encounter any difficulties while removing the hijacker, we advise you to send a scan report using the hijacker removal tool that we include in the package. to use it, download the hijacker removal tool, and unzip it. then run the tool, and when the scan is complete, delete the entry from the list of threats.

handycafe 2.1.32

Download Zip:

the most important thing that you need to know is that the virus may re-infect the computer system at any moment. if it does, we suggest to use the virus removal tool to fully remove the virus and to fix all issues related to this browser hijacker.

here's what to do if you see pop-up advertisements on the infected machine. even if the program did not add any new entries on the uninstall a program tab, is highly recommended to use the change link shown below.

the change link allows you to manage the settings of the search results. if you change the settings, the website will load without redirect. as you can see in the screenshot below, the sites that we are dealing with are redirecting automatically to search website. since the change link is placed on the bottom of the screen, this is the easiest way to do it.

if you see a search page when you logon to your computer, then it may show the advertisements, despite the fact that you have already uninstalled the virus. however, if the software removed the homepage setting, we suggest you to manually set it.


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